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Our past events

Galentines' Beauty & Chill

You create a safe place where women can have a real Me time. Every part of your event was stunning ! Thank you for having me.


So impressed! Literally loved every minute so enjoyable & fun. Really beautifully done.


Galentine's day was AMAZING! European skincare, Aromatherapy, sound bath, cocktails and shopping. One of the best events I ever been to.


Spring Beauty and Glam

Your event was so magical ! I literally slept in the next morning. I had the best sleep in a long time,


It was spectacular, every detail was covered. The value was incredible and the services amazing. It felt like a day spa. Can't wait for the next one.


very inviting atmosphere. Opportunity to meet new people in a friendly setting. Learned a lot about skin care. Enjoyed the treatments. Great time out.

Spring Beauty & Chill

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