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Cynthia - Glam Game Beauty

I love the Olala events because it is such a warm environment filled with a network of women who support each other.


When I first started out in 2020 I was very intimidated with selling in-person but I have found Amelie and all of the other women so supportive. I’ve received so much advice and feedback from these women. It’s a positive and upbuilding experience. It’s not only an opportunity to sell my products….

It is an opportunity to network with other vendors and customers. I’ve created relationships while getting exposure to my brand. Win-Win!!

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Helene- The face of Paris

With Olala events, I found a group of women and particularly the founder Amelie that is true and dedicated woman to the businesses success.

Amelie is loyal and fair and always gets the best locations. It feels like family and what wouldn’t you do with family!


We support each other and rejoice to the success of the other one. I am very grateful to have met her and Melissa and happy that Amelie is taking her business to the next level.


Kristine - Aviella Creations

Olala markets are one of my favorites!

Amelie is an amazing person inside and out! She motivates me to keep pushing! I can say I love being part of Olala.

Being surrounded by a community of woman entrepreneurs is amazing! It is truly amazing and motivating


Marie - Apana by Marie

First of all, I like to be part of the Olala events because of Amelie. She is the first person I met in Sarasota and my first support. She pushed me to create a booth when I wasn’t feeling ready. The whole story started because of Olala.

Basically, Apana launched with Olala. Our stories are forever connected!


Second, Olala is the only popup market made exclusively by women for women. I kind of love this idea of women empowerment. We are like a small family that supports each member of it.


I would love and be honored to partner with Olala Events and be a part these experiences! It fits perfectly in my goal to relax and empower women and also collaborate with other local women who are into health and wellness. 

Jacky B.

Amy - Cacticorn Design

Kate - Shop Rooted Free


Ruth - Saved by Grace

I love Olala Events for many reasons.

The most important thing is that Olala's Founder Amelie is so genuine and truly loves celebrating Women and all we have to offer to Society and our Families.


Heather - Rock Star RollOn

There are so many reasons I love working with Olala, but the biggest?


Is simply the notion that, as women, we need to come together to support each other, to nourish each other and to share!

this is how we heal, this is how we learn, this is how we find support and ultimately how we find answers and solutions to help us live better, FEEL better. Olala brings women together and provides a safe and nurturing space for us to talk about what we need.

The support that we receive, I don't just feel like another vendor. It feels like we are part of a community of incredible women that I'd consider my friends and mentors.

There are so many reasons why I love Olala Events but the biggest reason I love Olala Events is because the mission is felt every step of the way -- supporting women!


Amelie creates an environment that not only feels like family to those who participate but for those who attend as well and every step of the way you know she wants your business to succeed. You can't find that kind of support just anywhere and Amelie's mission to support women is front and center always!

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