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Olala Events - Part II

Hey girls,

Let's continue the story where we left it... So what could be the perfect combination of 'flanner', supporting the local economy, embracing and contribution to women entrepreneurship ?

I started meeting talented and amazing women, who because of the COVID situation changed their life radically by moving to our lovely Sarasota community and/or starting their own business. And here we were on the same page, newbies in the business, talented and motivated and not knowing how and where to start.

Don't we refer to the laws of attraction in this case of situation? So here was the launching point of the first activity of Olala Events.

The creation of POP-UP MARKETS, by Women for Women.

Finding cool spots, gathering brilliant vendors, creating an atmosphere specific for us and making it fun with music, light bites and mimosas - because life is always brighter with Mimosa ;) was my new mission. It has not been as easy as it sounds. We made some mistakes, picked up some wrong location, lost faith, been discouraged but always pushed forward by our amazing community of vendors. Focusing on women needs and businesses, discovering how the Women entrepreneur community of Sarasota was amazing and supportive, all of this been such a blessing.

I always liked to think that Olala was more than a place to sell but also an environment to network, make new friends, connect, grow, share, learn, nurture and support.

I was wondering why such an eclectic group of women was working so well ? Because we are AUTHENTICS with a reel will and happiness of seeing each others succeed - sharing information, recommending and spreading the words about each other. And actually those women are now my friends and it's always a pleasure to hang out with them.

I want to thank you all of my Olala girls who followed me since the beginning, who trusted me and believed in me... Without you nothing would have been possible.

It is just the first step of a bigger adventure...

To be continued !

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