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Woman Portrait - Dani for Driftheory

Let's meet Dani, the gorgeous sunshine soul behind Driftheory, Art inspired by Nature. Danielle is a real sunshine, always smiling and developing her jewelry business as a real boss baby. Originally from California, Dani went to school specializing in the Arts. Advanced Clay and Mixed media. As she explored Resin she found her own process to capture and preserve real nature.

Showcasing her travels and connections through her work, Dani shares her story and creates a memory of some of her favorite destinations. From the Gulf Coast and beyond, each piece is tagged per location, featuring nature-like elements, that of land and sea. All thoughtfully chosen, gathered and preserved for a lifetime in Resin

She is subliming our local natural treasures making them alive forever.

Let's discover her amazing journey.

How did everything get started?

I have always been an artist, ever since I could remember. I grew up with an amazing hard working mother that showed me creativity in every outlet. I had the luxury to experience the outdoors and travel in my early 20’s that really changed my outlook on the world. In those experiences overseas, I gained an extreme appreciation to my home in Sarasota and didn’t want my travels to end. Featured in each collection is a little bit of love integrated. Real nature preserved.

I am so honored to capture the essence of a place that I now call home and share it through Driftheory.

What was the next step ? It’s hard to say, life throws so many curve balls. However, our new studio space is our next adventure as well the opportunity to share more locations and build the community with our classes and workshops.

Why do you like working with Olala?

I absolutely adore this team of women in business and look forward to many more markets thank you!

Do you have any advice for a Woman that want to start her own business? Never give up on an idea, you never know where a little bit of love and dedication will take you. Just have faith and… drift. :)

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