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Updated: Jan 20

What ? Why ? Who ?

Welcome to Olala Events, Beauty & Chill !

What is it ? A mall, a spa, a market, a fair ? What is this girl doing ? Let me bring you with me during my journey and tell you everything about Olala Events.

For those who don't know me, I am French - my accent always betrays me but listen the rumor is TRUE ! French people chill a lot - 5 weeks vacation paid, 2 hours lunch break - including wine during work days, coffee with friends which converts in dinner and party... I could give you so many examples on how we like to chill and take time for yourself. Actually I prefer the word 'Flanner' which pretty much means enjoying yourself, wandering around with no rush, obligation or goal. Sounds petty like this but actually feels really good, just taking time for yourself.

When I moved to the USA, I discovered that the 'American Dream' was still a thing - not only some concept that I learned in my American civilization's book! If you really want something, you believe in yourself and you work hard enough to obtain it EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. What an opportunity, I want to take! But doing what? I have never been an Entrepeneur, I am new in the area, I do have plenty of ideas but how to implement them.

I quickly realized that Americans were not really familiar with the concept of 'Flanner' and that they were always on the run, especially Women - business, work, family, house, friends ad more. And here is a funny story, the first time I went back to France - ok for 2 months but after 1year and a half on the USA, everybody was looking at me and asking me WHY, HOW, WHAT FOR ? And that is when I realized I should bring my 'CHILL EXPERTISE' to American Women ;) I could not just invited them for a coffee or a glass of wine and hang out but have to highlight how important was to step back, to relax, to get some ME time.

So that was my point how to mix US and French culture while participating and supporting local businesses and especially Women entrepreneurship ?

That is how Olala Events was born.

To be continued....

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