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Woman Portrait - Cynthia for Glam Game Beauty

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Let's meet Cynthia, founder, CEO & beautiful face behind Glam Game Beauty.

Cynthia is a mom of a 7-year-old handsome boy, a dedicated wife and an amazing entrepreneur. After a career in the corporate industry of information management, she decided to take a maternity leave to be a full-time mum. That is when she and her husband decided to start the big adventure of entrepreneurship with the launching of their first brand SHIMMERSIX.

HOW DID EVERYTHING STARTED? I love beauty care! From makeup, to hair products, to body care, I love it all. Getting all glammed up really fuels my confidence so that I'm ready to slay it in a sexy dress on date night, rock my heels at happy hour, or feel absolutely bomb on the beach. The problem I've found is that a lot of personal care products on the market are filled with chemicals and toxic ingredients. And the natural products out there just didn't take me to the glam level I was looking for. I wanted GLAM! Natural GLAM! Orglamic?! So it was time to make it myself. SHIMMERSIX was born. She developed her own clean composition of scrub - that by the way is AMAZING, created her own branding and marketing and started selling her products online.


This dynamic team decided to go to the next level and know their clientele better by participating in Pop up markets and that is when we met ! For their 1st pop-up market, yoo-hoo. On a private side I am so proud to be part of HER adventure and success ... By knowing her clientele better, Cynthia created a real relationship with her customers and developed loyalty and trust with them. She also decided to extend her offer with Magnetic lashes. Eyes are the window to the soul, and I couldn't agree more. What's the first thing we focus on when we look at another person? Eyes! I've tried every lash method you can imagine - lash strips, individual lashes, lash serums, lash extensions - you name it! As I tested each of these products, I also learned about the cons of each: messy glues, flimsy lashes that poke your eye, glue allergies... I designed Glam Game Magnetic Lashes that are made to the specs and standards that I required. Glam Game Magnetic Lashes work because they have 5 sleek magnets, strategically placed from the edges of the lashes. I've curated a collection of lashes for any event... Short lashes and long lashes; Bold lashes and subtle lashes; From days at the office to brunch on the weekends; Beach days in bikinis to anniversary date night. Funny story, Cynthia told me that she was so excited and enthusiastic about this new product and how her husband was like ' What is the big deal, they are just fake lashes'! no no they are not just that ! Those 'LASHES ARE THE ANSWER'.


I love the Olala events because it is such a warm environment filled with a network of women who support each other.

When I first started out in 2020 I was very intimidated with selling in-person but I have found Amelie and all of the other women so supportive. I’ve received so much advice and feedback from these women. It’s a positive and upbuilding experience. It’s not only an opportunity to sell my products…. It is an opportunity to network with other vendors and customers. I’ve created relationships while getting exposure to my brand. Win-Win!!


Start small and test out your product to your target audience, keeping in mind that your target audience could change (mine got bigger - hooray!!). See what products resonate with your audience, what they are drawn too and essentially what they buy. Listen to what they say and use their feedback to fine-tune your product line-up.

Fill your table space. Give your customers plenty of shopping options in various price ranges. I have doorbuster deals for the teenage kids as well as luxury items for those who have a larger budget.

And finally, have fun and don’t give up!! I’m an introvert who is a wanna-be extrovert. Being outgoing doesn’t come as easily to me as it does my sisters but I have found that when I just relax and focus on the joy of meeting new and interesting people it takes away those “first day jitters”. A warm greeting and a sincere compliment makes the experience so much more enjoyable.

Thank you so much Cynthia for sharing all of this with us and see you for the next Pop-Up by OLALA on May, 21th down town Siesta Key Village.

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