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Woman Portrait - Heather for Rockstar RollOn

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Let's meet Heather, the woman with a 100 lives...

Heather is an amazing woman who you can learn so much from just listening to her life and amazing adventures. Originally from Connecticut and now living in our beautiful Sarasota community. She has lived all over the world - New York, London, Florence, San Francisco... She has embraced so many careers ~ from theatre to the music industry, she is a true entrepreneur. The CEO of 2 companies, she is a botanist, metalsmith, alchemist, life lover, mum, wife and good friend.

Early on I became fascinated with the different properties of various metals & their alchemical metamorphoses. This lead me on a journey of self-education to an apprenticeship with artist blacksmith. To this day, the primordial transformations of iron & bronze by hammer & fire provide me with constant inspiration, whether working in steel, sterling, platinum or gold. I specialize in custom/bespoke jewelry forged in sterling silver, platinum and gold.

As a mom and cancer survivor (since 2006!), I have gradually invested more and more of my professional energies in Rockstar RollOn, a line of plant-based, natural skin care products. Developed with my own families’ health in mind, these organic topical blends have unique healing, pain relief and immunity boosting benefits powered by carefully selected botanical extracts that work together to support our bodies’ essential natural functions.

The first time I met Heather was at an event and after talking to her I thought to myself "Wow, that was intense!" And as her message slowly grew inside me, I started thinking, well every woman should have a 'Heather' in her life. I could write so much about her and her entrepreneurship talent but this time we will focus on RockStar RollOn LLC.

How did everything start?

Rockstar RollOn started from a simple need: to heal myself and my family after surviving cancer as a new mom, with a minimum of office visits, prescription drugs & potential side-effects. Cancer left me frightened, but working with my doctors and studying the chemistry of botanicals and body empowered me; taking action on what I’ve learned has rewarded me. Learning of our endocannabinoid system, which regulates our moods and desires to eat, sleep, laugh & love, showed me why my blends were working and how to make them even better ~ and along came Rockstar Woman, something more, designed especially for our own unique empowerment.

As the creator of a product exclusively for Women, a topical botanical blend in a base of organic fractionated coconut oil, Heather likes to make the talk more about the many ways that we can activate endocannabinoid system (ECS) in our bodies with Rockstar Woman being one of these ways.

Rockstar Woman was formulated to nourish women from the root chakra on up. By activating our first chakra we can access our own healing. This is nothing short of magic for so many balancing effects in the body and the female hormonal system.

What was the next step ? Heather's priority is to help and educate people and especially Women on self-healing and self care. I learnt a few weeks ago that selfcare also means self-awareness and trust me Heather will be your guide. Working with Olala and being on the market, Heather realized that one of her purposes was to share her knowledge and confidence. As women, we give so much of ourselves every single day, so how can we give to ourselves, so that we truly feel nourished, grounded, fulfilled and ready to give some more? Heather is your answer ! What if she told you that within your body, you have an intricate, innate, glorious system that controls your overall sense of well being? Mother Nature instilled in us an operating system that when properly and easily activated, brings balance to the body.

"Women, love yourself" workshop IS OUT!

Join us on March 2nd at the Key Salon and Boutique to learn how to naturally balance your hormonal system.

Why do you like working with Olala?

There are so many reasons I love working with Olala, but the biggest? is simply the notion that, as women, we need to come together to support each other, to nourish each other and to share! this is how we heal, this is how we learn, this is how we find support and ultimately how we find answers and solutions to help us live better, FEEL better. Olala brings women together and provides a safe and nurturing space for us to talk about what we need.

Do you have any advice for a Woman that want to start her own business? Just do it! Take that notion and grow it, one step at a time. Now if you feel like you can do anything else instead, well then to quote my acting teacher, DO THAT. because starting your own business is hard and if you are not 110% sure that you absolutely have to do this, then don't. But if you are fueled by your fervent passion to bring your idea to the world, then start.

I would advise you to start locally and utilize your network of friends who already trust you and your intentions. Don't be afraid to ask your friends to share your product and then... get reviews!!!

People read testimonials and I have found, both with and that reviews are what bring in new clients.

Have a solid plan and then be willing to change it. If Covid taught me anything it is that you need to be willing to change direction a wee bit, to be fluid and creative as the curve balls will come.

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