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Woman Portrait - Kate for Shop Rooted and Free

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Let's meet Kate, founder and owner of Shop Rooted Free.

Shop Rooted and Free is an online and pop up boutique. At Shop Rooted and Free, We believe that every woman should feel confident in being themselves in all seasons of life. Whether you are rushing around to carpool, headed into the office, grabbing lunch with a friend or anything in between we know that an amazing outfit that you feel good in can help bring out the confidence in anyone! Kate is a wife and mom of 3 who has a deep passion for community and encouraging women. Kate is dedicated to support and nurture women in every aspects of their lives. She is a true believer of working together to go further. Let s discover her story.

How did everything start?

After working in full time ministry for almost 5 years, Kate took a leap of faith and decided to chase one of her wildest dreams…opening a women’s boutique! Her love of fashion, home goods and gifts has always had her dreaming of one day opening up a store of her own - a place where women could pop in, browse around and leave with something that makes them feel good and happy!

At Shop Rooted and Free we want to create a place of belonging, empowerment and community because it is more than just pretty things…it’s about bringing out the best in you!

What was the next step ? Our next step for Shop Rooted and Free is fully transitioning into a lifestyle boutique. Since our launch we have focused a lot on clothing and accessories so I am excited to bring in more gifts and curated lifestyle collections.

I am also really happy to announce that I have co-founded another business, Gathered with a fellow female entrepreneur which officially launches this fall! At Gathered, we want to equip, empower and engage female entrepreneurs to build businesses with passion and purpose. Through coaching, digital courses, networking events and more we want to help women take their dreams from ideation to reality!

Why do you like working with Olala?

There are so many reasons why I love Olala Events but the biggest reason I love Olala Events is because the mission is felt every step of the way -- supporting women! Amelie creates an environment that not only feels like family to those who participate but for those who attend as well and every step of the way you know she wants your business to succeed. You can't find that kind of support just anywhere and Amelie's mission to support women is front and center always!

Do you have any advice for a Woman that want to start her own business? Just do it! Do it scared. Do it imperfectly. Do it when you have no idea what you are doing because I promise, you will learn along the way. If you wait until the perfect time to start, you will never jump in so jump and then get ready to learn, pivot and create the brand of your dreams one step at a time. And once you start, be sure to surround yourself with other like minded women -- those who are trying to build better lives and businesses, you will feel a sense of community and support that is so needed in business!

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