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Woman Portrait - Ruth for Saved by Grace Boutique

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Let's meet Ruthie, spicy and successful entrepreneur behind Saved by Grace Boutique.

Ruth followed her dream after Covid hit. Buying the cutest camper, renovating it, curating a fashion clothing selection and always supporting her women entrepreneurs fellows. She took the risk and she made it successfully happen.

Ruth is really a sweetheart and a loving soul.

Her fancy camper is now on the road of Florida to offer you the latest fashion trends, the cutest accessories and the best positive vibes.

How did everything start?

I started this Business from a place of being unfulfilled. I spent many years helping my Husband chase and achieve his dreams. Although that was and has been incredible, it wasn't my dream. My dream was to share my love for God and my Passion for all things Fashion related. When Covid hit, we suffered a great loss in our Family. I realized if not now then when?

That's when Saved By Grace Boutique was born. I wanted a way to Celebrate Women through words of encouragement, unique Clothing and sharing each others amazing life stories . Every Woman is Beautiful and Unique and thats what I hope you feel when you shop at Saved By Grace.

What was the next step ? The goal was set and the entrepreneurship adventure has to start.

I had $1300 dollars and a huge dream.I never doubted what this could become.I always believed it would grow, because it was something I was truly passionate about.

I started my markets at Mixon Farms during Off Season. They were the first ones that accepted me it was in their non air-conditioned warehouse with few attendees. But I made a few hundred dollars and tons of positive feedback . And most of all I then realized this was the right decision. It started as a novice with a Pink tent and a few tables that our friend loaned to us. After that Market I applied to every market I could, and eventually became a part of the Coquina Beach Vendor Family. From that experience I found out about the UTC Market and Lwr Markets which is where I met Marie from Apana and she led me to Amelies Market Olala.

During my markets all I kept hearing was I wish you had a dressing room. However I knew to increase sales and let Women know how items truly looked on them this needed to change. So the search began and my Husband found Audrey the Glamper. And we customized her to make her our own .

We love doing events using the Glamper. However even with the Glamper, we needed a way to let people shop with us without risking our inventory getting drenched or destroyed during the Hot summer temps. So then our search for a brick and mortar began. We found the perfect spot in Up and Coming Historic Palmetto Florida. Cant wait to share this experience with all of you.

Grand opening June 17th

12pm - 9pm

429 10th Ave West Palmetto

Suite A 34221

Why do you like working with Olala?

Ruth is one of the many highlights of our markets with her beautiful glamper you notice her from far away ! She loves to curate all the details and her priority is to make women feel good and unique with their new outfits.

I love Olala Events for many reasons.

The most important thing is that Olala's Founder Amelie is so genuine and truly loves celebrating Women and all we have to offer to Society and our Families.

It has truly shown me how when Women come together we can accomplish anything.

Do you have any advice for a Woman that want to start her own business? My advice to other Women looking to start a small business is to make sure it is coming from your heart. That way it will always be genuine.

There will be times you will want to give up. When that happens take a look back and Celebrate how far you have come and keep going!!!

"Nothing worth having is easy!"

Ruth's efforts paid out ! You can find her at different markets throughout Florida but the big new is that she is opening her Boutique in Palmetto ! BRAVO !

Grand opening

June 17th. 12pm - 9pm

429 10th Ave West Palmetto

Suite A 34221

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