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Woman Portrait - Elena for Spa Angeli

Let's meet Elena, the owner and founder of Spa Angeli. She is all about Love, Beauty and the Art of Living Beautifully.

Elena is everywhere ! She is traveling all over Florida with her full time job. Lucky for us, next month she will be offering her holistic skincare care services at a location in Sarasota. She is always present for her friends and family and still finds the time to share a margarita with me. She is unbelievable.

If you need a reboot of energy, kindness and me time, Spa Angeli is the place to be.

Spa Angeli is a charming boutique-style company dedicated to holistic health, beauty and the healing arts. Products and services are thoughtfully sourced, natural, organic and always offered with love and a sprinkle of magic.

Let s discover her story.

How did everything start?

Elena moved from Miami to Sarasota a few years ago and we met through Social Media, some people said when things are meant to be they are happening! Elena will say it is MAGIC and I totally agree with her. She was one of the first ones to believe in Olala and now she is more than a partner, she is a dear friend. We met at a starbuck and I still remember how impressed I was by her expertise and the delicacy of her products. Since then we haven't stopped working together. But her adventure started well before that...

My family and I have a history of skin cancer and my sister had melanoma. This made me concern and curious to learn more about the skin and find ways to help support and keep my skin healthy. So began the journey of holistic skin care and wellness. I loved so much what I was learning that a studied to get my license as an aesthetician to compliment my dietetics and nutrition degree. Later I learned about facial reflexology and healing touch therapy and obtain these licenses as well. From my little apartment in Miami, I began to practice my trade with a rubber doll faces, then family and friends, and then clients… My services began to flourish and was blessed by a friend to allow me to use her sweet cottage to create Spa Angeli- a place to relax, unwind and rekindle your spirit. I hope to do the same here in Sarasota.

What was the next step ? Elena started the Pop-Up markets with us and offered some facial reflexology on spot - A dreamy experience ! Despite the traffic around you, the noise and everything, when she puts her hands on you, you totally travel to her world and forget about everything around.

The demand was growing to book for facial reflexology and other treatment, and she is now opening her space in Sarasota.

I did not know anyone when I moved here to Sarasota – no friends, no clients, rent spa space was sky rocketing and it was just post Covid so not the best time to open a spa type space. LOL ………………….But luckily a little magic intervened because I met Amelie ! Amelie approached me via Insta to discuss her new venture - Olala Events. I was thrilled to have a coffee date with Amelie and we shared our love of travel, food, dreams and business visions.

From that moment I knew I found a true friend and the right lady to support me to slowly start up my Spa Angeli business again. . I started to participate in the Olala pop up markets that supported women and other local talented women vendors just like me. And little by little, I started to expose my brand and to sell my beauty tools, organic handcrafted skin care line and began introducing ladies to facial reflexology and share information on how to treat skin holistically.

Why do you like working with Olala?

I love participating in the Olala events because it helped me restart my business in a fun laid back way. But most of all I like participating the Olala Events for the kind support and sisterhood that I found with Amelie and all the rest of the wonderful ladies that participate as well.

These ladies share with me their successes, challenges, wisdom and they are always there to support me. I am truly grateful to have discovered this lovely, amazing group of women.

Do you have any advice for a Woman that want to start her own business? Follow your heart and passion and do things at your own pace as long as you move a little tiny step forward.

Remember to have FUN and accept and embrace the perfect imperfections of your journey ….because girl you totally got this !!

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